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Hoosier Tree Service

Serving Michiana and Surrounding Areas

Office: Located in Nappanee, IN
Phone: 574. 596.8188

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 
Closed Sunday


Hoosier Tree 
Tree Removal
Hoosier Tree Service is your one-stop solution for all types of tree removal in Michiana and surrounding cities. We provide expert felling, cutting, hazardous removal and wood/waste recycling, as well as stump grinding to get the job done right! With us, no job is too big and you can be sure of a professional service that puts your needs first. Go out on a limb with us and get the peace of mind you deserve! Hoosier Tree is Proud To Serve The Michiana, Indiana Area As Well as Syracuse, Indiana and Surrounding Cities

They were great to work with. I was impressed that each worker wore a hardhat with ear protection which also included built-in walkie talkies. This enabled them to easily communicate to one another. Strongly recommend.

                                                                   - Patrick Russell

Wow!! This company is so awesome, they just left and I wanted to leave a review immediately. I had storm damage from a huge elm on my property 2weeks ago. I had a co come out and give an estimate. I went with that company because the guy said they put storm damage 1st and I wouldn't have a long wait. I took his bid and canceled all other estimates due to the timely manner he portrayed in which he'd get work done. I never could get them to sched my appointment for removal. A large limb was also cracked all the way through and only being held up by another branch. He explained it was really dangerous. 9 days and 3 calls later and a yard full of debris with fence damage as well, didn't show any concern for the dangerous nature he explained and the rceptionist cont to say they were busy and he'd call. So... I called Hoosier tree on hope, desperation, and good reviews I read. Greg came out within 2hrs of my original call, AND scheduled this very large job for 2days later! He also was a few hundred dollars cheaper than the no call no show too busy company. And let me tell you...the kids he sent out here...they show up in button down shirts. They are well spoken, polite, well mannered, kind young men. They worked efficiently, quickly and safely. I was so dang happy, I bought them lunch! Then...Greg even called me as they were finishing up to check and make sure the job went as planned and to make sure I was happy with my services! Wonderful experience that you don't often get these days as well as the level of professionalism...EXCELLENT WORK! This tree was so huge, and the clean up they did was so awesome that you really can not even tell I had a tree removed!They picked up everything right down to the last dried leaf! If you need tree work, these are your people! Good, kind, honest, trustworthy, hard working, considate professionals...My only regret is that I did not call Hoosier tree first! Thanks Greg! You have an amazing team! I truly appreciate you all!

- Erin Mauer

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