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Hoosier Tree Service

Serving Michiana and Surrounding Areas

Office: Located in Nappanee, IN
Phone: 574. 596.8188

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 
Closed Sunday


Hoosier Tree 
Tree Trimming
Our team of experienced tree trimming experts can help mitigate any potential storm damage. We employ 60' and 70' spider lifts to efficiently and safely reach hazardous limbs and trim them properly. This can help prevent dangerous limb falls during storms or adverse weather. Hoosier Tree is Proud To Serve The Michiana, Indiana Area As Well as Syracuse, Indiana and Surrounding Cities

Great Service! Had a large tree cut down and they were in and out in about an hour. Price is very reasonable. Clean up was excellent. Greg is nice to work with.

                                                                   -Steve Doe

I was worried my tree would come down on my house in the next storm. I called Bob's to remove it and was surprised at how much the quote was, so I put it off until I could get my head around the cost. Off of an friend's recommendation a few weeks later, I called Hoosier, and Greg said he had some places to go and I was on the way so he'd be right over. He looked at it and gave me a verbal quote right there...It was almost half of the other quote, but he couldn't get me on the schedule right away. I figured it would be a sub-standard service and I would have to do final cleanup, or something else would be wrong with it...Not the case.

A couple of weeks after the quote I got a call from Greg and he said he could be over the next day

(I assumed he had a cancellation and started to second-guess my decision). The next day came and the crew showed up, started cutting, and a short time later the tree was down. I asked for a couple of large pieces to use for camp firewood and they actually moved them over by my shed (they were way too heavy for me to move) and continued on with the removal. By the time I realized they were done, they were REALLY done. My lawn looked as if they had vacuumed it, it was so clean.

I was very happy with the experience and would highly recommend Hoosier without hesitation.

- Don Wilson

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